Wear my kid out camp

Camp offered on week days

Why Tri-County's WEAR MY KID OUT Camp?


Early drop off
Late pick up

so many fun
activities for kids all day long!

Safety Certified Coaches

Wear My Kid Out Camp Pricing

Half Days

MEMBERS $22.50

Full Days $45

Members $40.50

Early Drop Off or Late Pick Up Available

$5 per option

Frequently asked questions

We ask that you send them in comfortable athletic clothes. Avoid spaghetti strapped tank tops and leotards showing midriffs. 

For kids attending our half day camps please send them with a snack. We do take one 15 minute snack break. Please send them with a filled water bottle as well.  

For kids attending our full day camps, please send them with one or two snacks and a lunch and a filled water bottle. We have a bubbler for refilling bottles. There is a snack break before and after lunch. Our lunch breaks are 12:00-12:30pm. Kids are always super hungry during camp because of all the running around and energy they’re burning!

For kids who may be experiencing any “accidents” at home, please send an extra pair of clothes and talk to the front desk briefly. This is common, they’re kids and trust us, we get it! We’d rather know so we can help prevent any accidents or have back up just in case!

We have two rules during our camps

#1 Get out all of your excess energy!


During our No School Day Camps, we offer structured group activities catered to age and preference. We let the kids make decisions on what games and activities they would like to play! Ninja obstacle courses, gymnastics, rope and rock climbing, trampoline fun, legos, nerf wars and target shooting, and so much more!

Registering Online is EASY and convenient and you can do it in the comfort of your own home! We understand how busy families are with all of their schedules so we love being able to offer online registering for our classes, camps and clubs! Click the REGISTER NOW button below to get started! Feel free to register over the phone as well.