Recreational Gymnastics Skills

At Tri-County Gymnastics & Cheer, athletes are taught the importance of exercise, gaining strength and flexibility the safe way, and the overall camaraderie of working together as a team to accomplish goals within ourselves and celebrating these goals together!  The skills needed to accomplish these goals will be taught in classes with no more than a maximum of eight athletes per trainer.  “Back to Basics” will be emphasized over and over to encourage athletes to strengthen and detail skills needed for advancement, reassurance of comfort level with these skills, and continual advancement of these skills at the athlete’s pace.


Floor Skills

Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 (Level 1) Floor Skills

  • Forward roll tucked
  • Backward roll tucked
  • Side Cartwheel
  • Candlestick
  • Bridge
  • Leg swings
  • Coupe’ walks
  • Tuck jump

Supplementary Skills

  • Straddle presses
  • Walking with feet turned out
  • Tripod balance

Beginner 3 (Level 2) Floor Skills

  • Forward roll straddle stand
  • Headstand lower to kneel
  • Arch back
  • Cartwheel 1/4 turn inward
  • Backward to pike stand
  • Handstand
  • Front leg balance
  • Split jump
  • Pivot turn
  • Forward chasse’

Supplementary Skills

  • Straight arm backward rolls down incline mat
  • Bridge kick-over
  • Hurdle, cartwheel

Intermediate (Level 3) Floor Skills

  • Handstand forward roll
  • Round off
  • Backward roll with straight arms to pike stand
  • Backbend kick-over
  • Front leg balance
  • Forward chasse’
  • Straight leg leap (60 degree)
  • 1/2 turn in forward coupe’ (heel-snap)
  • Stretch jump

Supplementary Skills

  • Back handspring down incline mat
  • Handstand to bridge; kick-over
  • Round-off rebound onto mat stack

Competition (Level 4) Floor Skills

  • Stretch jump
  • Split jump
  • Straight-arm handstand forward roll
  • Side chasse’ with 1/4 turn; pivot turn
  • Handstand to bridge; back kick-over
  • Straight leg leap (90 degrees); leg swing with hop
  • Forward split
  • Weight transfer
  • Backward roll to push up position
  • 1/2 turn in forward coupe’
  • Round-off
  • Flic-flac, rebound

Supplementary Skills

  • Dive roll onto mat stack
  • Straight-arm back roll to handstand down incline mat
  • Front limber
  • Power hurdle, front handspring


Vault Skills

Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 (Level 1) Vault Skills

  • Straight jump onto min.8″ mat

Supplementary Skills

  • Running form/technique
  • Handstand hops on the floor
  • Handstand fall to back lying position

Beginner 3 (Level 2) Vault Skills

  • Handstand block

Supplementary Skills

  • Running form/technique
  • Dive roll onto 8″ mat
  • Squat onto stacked mats

Intermediate (Level 3) Vault Skills

  • Forward roll onto high mat stack

Supplementary Skills

  • Running form/technique
  • Handstand hold
  • Handstand hops onto 4″ mat

Competition (Level 4) Vault Skills

  • Jump to handstand on mat stack

Supplementary Skills

  • Handspring over mat stack turned sideward
  • Handspring from mat
  • 3/4 front salto stretched