Our History

Tri-County Gymnastics was started with twelve girls who excelled at gymnastics through the Pulaski Adult Continuing Education program (PACE). The gym started in the fall of 1996 with 30 students trying out the new program that eventually developed into a two-hour per night, three-night per week, nine-week session for 168 students in the spring of 1999.

The PACE program (according to its policies) could not be involved with competitive sports. So Ed and several parents of the competitors started Tri-County Gymnastics as a separate corporation to allow the athletes that wanted to do competitive gymnastics the ability to have the experience. As with the PACE program, the Tri-County program grew to 20 girls on the competitive squad that involved three coaches.

In August 2001, Tri-County Gymnastics opened at the old Nicholai Sporting Goods store to provide more practice time and better coaching to our competition team, building it from scratch using monies of the company owned by Jane Brackett and Ed Brady known as Better Options, Inc, dba Curves for Women.

Recreational classes started in November 2001 and has continued to grow in our new location, opened in January 2004 at 2789 Allied Street.

Our staff is comprised of a full-time recreational director, a competitive teams director, full-time office staff, and trained and certified USA Gymnastics instructors and highly trained assistants.

Since the inception of the Tri-County Gymnastics competition squad, we have always had no less than 95% of our small squad qualify for the state competitions at the compulsory levels, with one state champion and two second place finishes. We have always had a minimum of two medals come home with our athletes for the state USA Gymnastics competitions.

Over the years our mission statement wording has changed to better define the basics of our program: grow in self-esteem, grow as individuals, and have lots of fun doing skills others only wish they could do.

Since the start of the fall program of 2004, we have set our course to be the gymnastics and sports trainer of the Green Bay area hiring QUALITY COACHES and offering a large variety of programs to meet the community needs. Many of our team and recreational coaches have been competitive gymnasts and high performance athletes that, if the years were totaled, would be over 100 years of quality experience.

We take pride in the accomplishment of our gym, but we live for the accomplishments we see in our students daily.