Booster Club

The Booster Club is made up of the proud parents of the Tri-County Gymnastics & Cheer’s women’s and men’s teams.  The Club is a non-profit group that supports the efforts of the gymnasts and coaches at Tri-County Gymnastics & Cheer.  The goal is to help support every girl and boy gymnast and cheerleader that wants to compete in the sport.  The Club responsibility is to support the team both financially and emotionally.  Fundraising and sponsorship programs are in place to help ease the financial costs for all the team families.  The money raised goes towards competition fees for the gymnasts or cheerleader, USAG fees or USASF fees, and educational activities for our gymnasts, cheerleaders, and coaches.  The Club strongly believes in providing the coaches with continued educational opportunities so they can offer the safest and best program for the Tri-County athletes.